28/09/2023 • Chưa phân loại

Are your businesses facing requirements? Quickly applying technology, increasing customer’s experience, optimizing processes, transforming business models… causing the IT infrastructure system has a lot of pressures: must be flexible, strong and quickly to change, highly customized and elastic. At that time, immediatelly capture the “health” status of IT infrastructure plays an important role for many businesses.

Understanding customers’ need, GalaxyOne quickly deploy and launched GalaxyOne NOC Services – Comprehensive infrastructure performance monitoring services that helps businesses monitor 24/7 infrastructure automatically to enable real-time updates to check the status of infrastructure’s performance. By our NOC Services, businesses can proactively identify cyber threats before they have an opportunity to attack. Solving network issues faster can minimize downtime, better secure your data, ensure high stability for IT infrastructure and quick adaption to digital transformation needs.

With the aim of ensuring our NOC monitoring services to run anytime with 99,99%, GalaxyOne puts all our efforts to equip the system, includes:

  • VPN and Connection System - Ensure 100% connections from customer’s IT system to GalaxyOne’s Network Operations Monitoring Center are protected by encrypted channels through VPN.
  • Operation Tracking System - Record all actions of the Technician during operation and troubleshooting.
  • Access Password Management System - Make sure only responsible people access the system according to customer’s authority.
  • Call Center System - Receive customer’s requests 24/7, store all communications content to improve and enhance service quality.
  • Network Monitoring and Administering Center - Ensure IT infrastructure running anytime and secure system data for customers.
  • Report System - Proactively make recommendations and suggestions to optimize the system. Report weekly/ monthly/ quarterly/ yearly so that customers can handle the status of infrastructure system and make reasonable adjustments.
  • Besides that, GalaxyOne also equip other Systems, such as: Data Storage System; Private Monitoring System; Back up and Rescue equipments for emergencies.

GalaxyOne NOC Services brings to businesses many benefits. No costs for monitoring system, no costs for recruiting, training and operating IT human for monitoring. By NOC Services, businesses has period report about infrastructure. GalaxyOne will provide detailed report and analytics about the status of infrastructure performance, issues and problems related to network. Businesses’ IT team is free to do things more vital to the company than analyzing data and monitoring the network. This allows them to work on issues that arise of more importance than routine maintenance of systems and antivirus software.

On the occasion of launching new services, GalaxyOne offers 10 Trial Packages within 3 months for 10 early-birds. For more detailed information, please visit here.

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