Teamwork and Empowerment
The wonders of the world are a clear example of Teamwork, None of these were built by an individual no matter how talented they are. This is just a clear example of how powerful teamwork is to build anything wonderful and magnificent in the world. While we knew teamwork is the No.1 aspect in doing great things, in a corporate environment it is still less practiced. Why? Most of us during our school, colleges and among family and friends have been part of the team, we knew the strength of being as a team in doing a task. The same person in a working environment is more of an individualist than a team player. The primary reason for it is the fear of losing prominence and attention seeking mindset. We all have some degree of this and that creates a insecurity in the mind that what if someone else outshines us while doing a task and gets the reward; thus the fight for the reward is what drives us crazy. But we all forget that more than the individual accomplishment it's the overall goal is what is important. A confident and contented person wouldn’t feel insecure about these silly rewards, but looks for a larger reward which is the accomplishment of a task. Especially in a start-up organization it's the organization which has to sustain and be successful to feed all the families. All start-ups begin their journey with a dream of becoming an excellent organization, but only those who had amazing teams succeeded. With that said I want to highlight one of my favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit”
While we spoke about the confidence of the team members which plays a vital role in delivering team’s success, another core factor which leads the start-up success is Empowerment.
Firstly, I want to mention that Empowerment is often misunderstood with authority. Authority is a set of powers given to an individual by an organization or a supervisor, but Empowerment is more of how an individual feels of himself/herself in delivering what they are supposed to irrespective of obstacles. We all would have seen people who are given authority to do a certain thing, but those sometimes are unused or used at a wrong time; This is a perfect example of “lack of empowerment”. It all starts with self-empowerment which is powered by confidence, knowledge, accountability and above all the culture of “Execution” from within. In start-up organizations like ours Teamwork and Empowerment is what will differentiate us from our competition.
We as leaders are focused on building teams, empowering them to deliver the vision of our promoters. We need to bring in the “spirit of Entrepreneur” within the company across all levels and functions, thus people feel that it's their own organization. If we can inculcate the culture of teamwork and empowerment we will foster Execution as a result.