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Appreciate candidates

You just need to have effort, work ethic and smart behavior. No matter who you are, where you come from, or whatever your experience, GalaxyOne will consider you a partner, customer, or close companion.

Equal treatment

GalaxyOne upholds equality, friendliness and sociability. We are proud to have talented Leaders instead of powerful Bosses. GalaxyOne aims for a happy and equal working environment, so the joy of teammates is the most important KPI in our development journey.

Fair assessment

GalaxyOne always does its best to recognize and evaluate your abilities. Whether you choose to pursue a career in management or specialize, we offer you the best opportunities for advancement.

Why GalaxyOne?


Comfortable working space… directly affects the creativity and work performance of employees.


Ensure transparency, clarity and not too far from the scope of expertise, training skills, knowledge… Stimulates excitement and enthusiasm at work.


Competitive salary; Annual health care; HD insurance for employees and relatives


Training by title, integration training, professional training, soft skills….


Young, dynamic, creative... Is the core for the sustainable development of the business

Employee Testimonials

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With my time working at GalaxyOne (G1), I find this to be a worthy environment to experience and develop soft skills and expertise. G1 has about 70% of technology people, but they feel the balance in emotions, comfort in thinking and always support and share with each other in any situation.
Manh Khoi

Manh Khoi

Head of PMO

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Over 13 years of experience in consulting, building and developing services in the field of technology, GalaxyOne (G1) is one of the companies that make a lot of impressions and see potential values, as well as opportunities for further development.
Duy Hinh

Duy Hinh

Head of Managed Services Provider