30/01/2023 • Success Case Study

On January 30, 2023, GalaxyOne (G1) officially provided IT Managed Service to Vina Dai Phuoc to solve the problem of IT system operating resources.

Vina Dai Phuoc is a company operating in the field of real estate - resort, with a complex information technology (IT) infrastructure system, including many branches and spread over many areas. With the needs of IT systems operating 24/7, they need to be closely and quickly monitored and supported while businesses are in need of flexible and specialized personnel. This gave Vina Dai Phuoc a problem of resources as well as operating costs.

After a period of research and consideration, Vina Dai Phuoc trusted to choose GalaxyOne's IT Managed Services to solve this problem, with many advantages.

GalaxyOne will manage and operate IT system infrastructure at 3 locations of Vina Dai Phuoc

IT at 3 locations are: VP.HCM at mPlaza Saigon, VP of Sales at 87 Ham NghiDai Phuoc Lotus Project in Dong Nai. At these locations, GalaxyOne will carry out monitoring, error handling, reporting and system improvement suggestions according to ITIL standards. In addition, GalaxyOne is also the focal point to receive and handle technical issues directly, supporting end users with a strict, fast and professional implementation process, from receiving and processing requests. throughout the process of implementation, evaluation and acceptance to the end of the project.

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