31/12/2022 • Life at G1

On behalf of GalaxyOne's Board of Directors, on the eve of the new year, CEO Dang The Tai gave the most meaningful wishes to all employees after 1 year of dedication, relentless efforts and many encouraging results.

In 2023, GalaxyOne will actively face, adapt and transform

CEO Dang The Tai shared

Looking back at 2022, what did GalaxyOne do?

  • Change the Board of Directors and restructure the company.
  • Orientation focuses on 3 main areas: IT Digital Services, Group CDP and Centralized Procurement.
  • Become a company focused on making products based on data (Data - Driven), organized in 3 layers: Product - Services - Solutions.
  • Support the National Digital Transformation Commission.
  • Participating in forming new business lines for GHs such as: G-Joy, G-Pay, G-Connect, Aibolit. Get a product called OneTarget and get Vietjet Air as a customer.

Along with the wishes, the CEO also shared more about GalaxyOne's goals in the coming years:

  • Deploying a new organizational and operating model, strict and lean management.
  • From the company, to the departments and employees, all have KPIs, work norms, clear and transparent accounting.
  • The divisions are all self-accounting or involved in generating money or saving costs. Lower operating costs in proportion to revenue and profit generation.
  • Must really consider the BUs in Sovico as customers, building business capacity, the ability to solve customers' needs and problems.
  • The internal working culture is all focused on supporting Sales on the front lines to win customers.
  • Find ways to succeed instead of reasons for failure. Focus on solving the problem instead of blaming.

On the eve of the New Year of the Rabbit, on behalf of the Board of Directors - CEO Dang The Tai wishes all G1 employees and their families a new year with lots of luck, health, peace and happiness. . At the end, the CEO wishes GalaxyOne a prosperous 2023 and prepares a new phase with more success and development.

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