19/04/2023 • Success Case Study

Faced with market challenges and competitive marketing trends, many businesses are looking for solutions to improve customer experience. As the leading airline company in Vietnam with high demands on systems and data..., Vietjet Air has successfully applied OneTarget - Predictive Marketing Platform to Marketing activities and brought impressive results.

Currently, the majority of Vietjet's sales come from air ticket distribution agents and resort platforms, and only 20% comes from Vietjet's direct sales system. With the strong growth of e-commerce over the years, Vietjet Air's marketers see the potential to boost direct sales through leveraging existing customer touchpoints to optimize Customer experience and conversion rate on website, mobile app. Because of that, Vietjet Air decided to apply the OneTarget platform to get a panoramic portrait of each customer and automate online marketing.

OneTarget is a Predictive Marketing Platform based on customer data, combined with omni-channel communication tools powered by AI (Aritifical Intelligence) & Machine Learning (ML) models. This platform is built and developed by GalaxyOne Company Limited - a member company of Sovico Group.

OneTarget has brought Vietjet Air many advantages:

  • Increased customer interaction, reduced churn rate
  • Process automation to limit resources
  • Standardize data and build intelligent customer profiles
  • Promote cooperation between internal and external
  • Widely integrated with other important data platforms such as: Google Analytics, CRM, Email Marketing... and exploiting other touch points such as Web Push, App Push.

From there, Vietjet Air can easily and quickly deploy effective multi-channel communication campaigns on just a single platform (All-in-One), contributing to optimizing operational resources and strategic management. translate actively, flexibly and closely.

Thanks to the application of the OneTarget platform, Vietjet Air has received impressive results. Specifically: Identifying and personalizing more than 13 million customers, increasing the rate of users returning to the website by 16%, increasing the rate of adding demand to the cart by 34%, increasing the rate of revenue on marketing channels by 30% post-pandemic market. In particular, 70 times increase in net profit on total investment costs.

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