22/03/2024 • General News

Recently in Ho Chi Minh City, Galaxy One officially become a member of Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) Southern Branch - the first non-profit organization of Vietnam that operates in the field of Information Security, with more than 160 members, which are organizations of the Government, Ministry of Defense and Police, Banking and Finance Institutions, Telecom and Utilities Companies, Businesses providing Information Security Solutions, Consultant Education and the Information Security Specialists.

In 2024, Galaxy One will contribute to a development and expension of Vietnam Southern security community in highlights activities, such as: Vietnam Cyber Security Day, Security Café, UniTour for Security Students, Golf Tournament and Security Workshop for businesses… as a Security Consultant, Speaker and Mentor roles.

Mr. Hinh To - Director of MSP Center, Galaxy One stands 3rd from the left in the stage, representing to receive the certificate.

We look forward to for more successful collaboration between Galaxy One & VNISA Southern Branch!

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