06/01/2023 • General News

After more than 2 months of researching and developing the platform structure, on January 6, 2023, OneSuite MVP version was officially launched with basic features such as: Setting up departments; Employee setup; Role setting; Establish an approval process; Operate the Advance/Refund/Payment flow and view WorkID*.

OneSuite was developed with the concept of MIS (Management Information System), which is a 360-degree management information system for business operations. In the OneSuite system, there will be a new concept of the case code (WorkID), through the case code to help collect, chain, and link customer information from the time of business opportunity to warranty. close the project, help control costs and calculate revenue for the project clearly. At the same time, OneSuite helps to convey information to the right audience, from employees, managers to leaders.

With preeminent functions, OneSuite will be an "effective arm" to help Managers make timely and informed decisions based on accurate and transparent data sources. When applying the platform, businesses will easily solve 8 "problems" including: Process, Data, Performance, Digitization, Finance, Connection, Time and Risk.

OneSuite help businesses solve 8 big problems

It is expected that from 2023 to 2025, GalaxyOne will complete the OneSuite system and deploy it to companies in Sovico; From 2025 to 2027, GalaxyOne will package OneSuite into 2 versions (Light Edition for SME and Premium Edition for ENT).

The presence of OneSuite is considered the result of both research and development efforts on a technology product "Made-by-GalaxyOne"

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