02/10/2023 • General News

After becoming an Advanced Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in July 2023, just over 2 months later, GalaxyOne continued to affirm our capabilities when we achieved AWS Solution Provider Partner.

GalaxyOne will be authorized by AWS to provide deployment, administration and system optimization services to end customers as a part of AWS’s Cloud Solutions as well as provide assessments based on AWS Well-Architected Framework. In addition, AWS will also authorize GalaxyOne to manage services, support and issue valid payment invoices (Cloud Billing) for customers’ AWS accounts. Therefore, when using AWS Cloud Billing Services of GalaxyOne, businesses can be experienced the services of a Cloud “giant” in the World and enjoyed preferential costs and supports programs.

To become an AWS Solution Provider, GalaxyOne quickly completed the strict requirements for technical capacity within 2 months.

It can be said that in recent times, GalaxyOne has made many positive moves in enhancing its internal strength to gradually become the top choice in the journey to the cloud of business units (BUs) in Sovico Group in particular and other businesses in general. GalaxyOne confidently advises and deploys Cloud Computing Solutions & Services to ensure security compliance, operational optimization, cost savings and “tailoring” to the specific needs of each businesses.

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