07/04/2023 • General News

In 2023, GalaxyOne aims to provide shared information technology (IT) services, develop and manage big data platforms to optimize investment and system operating costs for Sovico Group and other companies. member company.

GalaxyOne owns a diverse and cohesive technology ecosystem, capable of being widely applied in many key business areas of Sovico Group such as: Finance - Banking, Real Estate - Resort, Aviation - Logistic...

From 2023, GalaxyOne focuses on IT Digital Services, Group CDP and Centralized Procurement.

IT Digital Service include: Security Services, Cloud Computing and Authorization Administration; Enterprise information management system - OneSuite; Human Resource Management Software - OneTeam and other Digital Transformation solutions.

GCDP includes: Consulting, mining, administration and data analysis services. Also provides Predictive Marketing Platform - OneTarget, helping businesses increase interaction with customers on digital marketing channels.

Centralized Procurement includes: Lease and purchase of equipment; POS machine rental; Deploy Workplace; NetSuite; Endpoints…

With the mission of providing shared IT services, developing and managing big data platforms for Sovico Group and its member companies, and serving cross-selling and exploring new business models, the system "Made by GalaxyOne" technology ecology has been and will help Sovico Group and its member companies accelerate the digital transformation process, increase productivity, save costs, make the most of resources to create growth momentum and overcome great challenges in the future.

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