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Recently in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Luu Tien Thanh - Head of Product, GalaxyOne presented at the Martech Mashup 2022 event that coordinated by Netcore and AKA Digital.

Martech Mashup is an event that brings together experts in the field of Martech, to discuss issues related to transformation trends in order to bring appropriate and constructive solutions, strategies... to contribute to improvement and maintenance, maintain business development, build customer trust in specific products and services.

At the event, Mr. Luu Tien Thanh had his share related to the development and operation of OneTarget - a predictive marketing platform "Made-by-GalaxyOne", based on customer data, combined with Multi-channel communication tools powered by AI & ML models.

OneTarget is designed specifically for businesses that need to personalize the experience across every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness. Specifically, the OneTarget platform was developed by GalaxyOne with many outstanding advantages, bringing a big difference compared to other software on the market. It's the ability to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right messages on the right channels through predictive models. The second difference is the ability to handle a large amount of customer data, this is not just a mere marketing software, but underneath will be supported by a big data platform designed according to the lakehouse model.

Personalize the experience across every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle

Typical for cooperation projects related to this platform must mention Vietjet Air - the leading aviation enterprise in Vietnam with high demands on systems and data, which has been successfully applied. OneTarget into marketing activities and brought about impressive results such as: Identify and personalize more than 13 million customers, increase the rate of users returning to the website by 16%, increase the rate of adding needs to the shopping cart by 34% , increase 30% revenue ratio on digital marketing channels after the pandemic and increase 70 times in net profit over total investment costs.

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